Monday, October 25, 2010

Making stuff in Mandurah

Usually I make stuff.  Since we've been here I haven't made much apart from dinner and clean laundry piles, even though I have the best sewing room I've had for a decade and no lack of time.  A couple of vital ingredients are still missing from the mix but I'm working on getting them sorted.  In the meantime I've just realised have made something here that I rather like. 

I like growing food and dearly miss having a vegetable garden.  I also can't stand putting green waste in the rubbish, but there is no organic waste collection here and no compost bin at this house.  The back garden at our rental house consists of a bit of skanky old lawn and a few grim conifers growing in pure sand.  Much as I'd love to dig it up and plant something useful, my lease agreement forbids me and I am far too much of a goody-two-shoes to contravene it.  (My lease agreement also says that I have to water the huckery garden to keep it green and if I don't then I won't get my bond back.  Hmmm.  In parched Western Australia, where our precious water is obtained at huge financial and environmental cost, this strikes me as completely bonkers, so I'll conveniently lose my goody-two-shoes over that clause.)

So anyway I mail-ordered a Bokashi bin then spent the equivalent of a fortnight's worth of bagged salad at a garden centre and built a tiny, portable garden.  This surprisingly productive patch is small enough to be watered with the clean warm-up water we capture in buckets and jugs placed in showers and sinks. It has already produced enough food to have paid itself off several times over.

So what next on the making front?  Well first I'm going to make that coffee, a chapter of my book and that piece of ginger crunch (made by my daughter for her Dad's birthday) disappear, then I'm going to make a posh dinner.  And given that I've just received the most beautiful and inspiring care parcel in the post from two amazingly talented makers, I think I finally feel a bit more adventurous making coming on.

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