Thursday, February 6, 2014

All quiet for a reason

I have tried many times to explain why I just don't have the heart to write on here at the moment about all the lovely things happening in my life.  Several times I wrote long, depressing essays which I ended up deleting rather than posting.

Then today I found this image which sums it up nicely - only it should say morons and psychopaths. Honestly, Australia's current government is enough to give anyone with a heart and a brain a black dog.

In other news, we got a black dog. 

I'll try to get over my sadness about the fact that the Abbott government is systematically destroying all the best things about this wonderful country so that I can tell you about our puppy (his name is Pluto and he looks like a little black mop) and update you on all the other things happening around here. 

At least I am not alone in my concerns about the slippery slope Australia is hurtling down.  Check out March in March Australia.  I'll be there, with my marching boots on. 

There are so many reasons to march but No. 1 on my list is Australia's appalling, shameful and inhumane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. To be fair, that has been going on for many years but the current government have ramped up the cruelty to an unbelievable and truly worrying level. Bizarrely, many Australians have completely drunk the Kool-Aid when it comes to what they call "boat people" and seem to believe that it is perfectly OK for their government to persecute and commit human rights abuses against this group of people.  It is not OK.  Not in my name.

If you don't know what I am talking about or suspect that you may even have had a wee sip of Kool-Aid yourself, then the following links will give you some interesting reading.

Myths about refugees and asylum seekers 
("Myths" seems far too benign a word.  If misinformation is actively spread by politicians and sections of the media for years on end, isn't that actually propaganda?)