Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holiday day five: A holiday from Interwebland

Late on day four we discovered that the "week" of internet access I bought for while we were in Kalbarri was all used up after nearly 36 hours. Oops. Being offline was actually rather nice but we got home tonight and BOY do I have some catching up to do tomorrow.

This picture is of one of the very many beautiful plants we spotted while getting on with our lives in Realworldland.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Holiday day four: Parrot watching

Today the youngest member of our household chose the day's activities. He loves reading, likes his tucker and is fascinated by wildlife.

We all slept in late then stayed in bed and read until we were hungry.  Then we strolled down the foreshore to have brunch at a cafe. On the way my son and I stopped to chat to a kooky (but lovely) local chap about the storm brewing offshore and the fact that yet again this year's rainy season has been nowhere near rainy enough.

Next stop was a visit to Rainbow Jungle parrot breeding centre. 

It was fabulous. My daughter's favourites were a pair of enormous and gregarious macaws.

I couldn't choose a favourite but I know which one wasn't my favourite: the one that shat on me. Apparently that is very lucky but I sure didn't feel lucky.

On the way out some members of my party stuck to local custom and stuck their entry stickers on the rubbish bin and sign. (Not me. Too prissy.)

Just after we left the storm finally hit.  

My partner has chosen our activity for tomorrow: he has booked us in for a canoe safari down the Murchison River.  Yesterday when is was calm and sunny and 23 degrees that seemed like a grand idea. Tonight with the storm crashing and howling outside I'm not so sure.

Holiday day three: Whale watching

On day three we had planned to go exploring up Kalbarri's famous gorge but the road is closed until the end of the week. Lucky for us the whole town and region are new to us so there are plenty of other cool places to explore.  So instead we drove along Kalbarri's coast where there are numerous short walks to dramatic views of spectacular cliffs with the sea thrashing and grinding away below. 

And there out to sea we saw whales. Lots and lots of them. 

We are going exploring the river tomorrow. By canoe. Strange but true.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday day two: Cheerio Jurien Bay, Hello Kalbarri

On day two of our holiday I got up early to go for a lonelygirl walk around Jurien Bay. Here is a beachfront house with nine tyre swans, and that is just on the balcony.

We drove north via Geraldton (quick loiter outside the public library to use the wifi) then on to Kalbarri.

I thought Jurien Bay was the ultimate Seachange (tv show) town but I have changed my mind. Kalbarri is the ultimate Seachange town. It even has some kooky locals but I resisted photographing them. Here instead is the view from our holiday digs balcony. Certainly no complaints.

Holiday day one: Hello Jurien Bay

I'm back trying to use Blogger on my iPad again but this time via what must surely be the slowest internet connection on the planet.  

On day one of our holiday we drove to Jurien Bay. It is as lovely as ever.  Beautiful flowers are in bloom. I could be wrong (it has happened before) but I think this is a Pincushion Hakea or Hakea Laurina. Nice. And notice that blue sky.  22 degrees and sunny and this is mid-winter. No complaints here.