Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday day two: Cheerio Jurien Bay, Hello Kalbarri

On day two of our holiday I got up early to go for a lonelygirl walk around Jurien Bay. Here is a beachfront house with nine tyre swans, and that is just on the balcony.

We drove north via Geraldton (quick loiter outside the public library to use the wifi) then on to Kalbarri.

I thought Jurien Bay was the ultimate Seachange (tv show) town but I have changed my mind. Kalbarri is the ultimate Seachange town. It even has some kooky locals but I resisted photographing them. Here instead is the view from our holiday digs balcony. Certainly no complaints.


  1. It has been lovely. 22ish each day. Then we went and jinxed it by booking a canoe safari. Now it is blowing a gale, freezing and raining. If it goes all quiet around here you'll know that that ended badly.