Monday, October 11, 2010

Mucking around in boats

If you are a boating fan then Mandurah will be right up your alley as there are so many beautiful places here to explore: the ocean, the estuaries (over twice the size of Sydney Harbour), several rivers, lakes and masses of canals.  There are two large marina complexes, jetties and wharves everywhere and boats of all shapes, sizes and styles, including some available for hire. 

Once a year Mandurah hosts a boat show.  It is billed as the "third largest boat show in Australia", is very popular and was held last weekend.  As pictured above, the main waterways through the city were like watery super-highways during the event.

We didn't go to the boat show but it did inspire me to finally do the first of three local boat hire options I've had on my To Do list ever since we arrived here; we went kayaking.

Kayaks 4 U is a boat hire company on the Western foreshore in Mandurah.  They have all sorts of paddle boats for hire which one of my sisters will be able to name and competently operate, but not me. I have to admit to being an enormous chicken when it comes to being out of my depth in a boat I'm expected to propel, but I know that living here I just need to get over myself - so I took a deep breath and hired three boats.

I'm so pleased I did as we had a fabulous time. We chose the perfect day as it was calm and sunny and the temperature got up to 30 degrees. 

The hire company people are lovely and helpful and make it so easy, even for nervous absolute beginners like me.  I think maybe I'm a cured chicken as I can't wait to go back and do it again.

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