Thursday, October 14, 2010

A wee bit more advice

One more bit of advice.  If you are planning on moving here and you plan to flog off your mid century furniture and home wares in order to keep your shifting costs down to many, many thousands of dollars instead of many, many, many thousands of dollars on the assumption that you will replace it when you get here using the local alternative to Trademe and visits to a variety of dishy second hand shops, then stop now! 

You are wrong.  I can see the future and this is what is going to happen.

You will become the uncool hunter.  You will spend the first few months of your life in WA seeking dishy secondhand furniture shops (actually any secondhand furniture shops) but not finding. You will shop, shop, shop, shop for a ridiculous amount of time, but your home will still be unintentionally minimalist as you can't bear to hand over cash for furniture so ugly it will give your children nightmares.  

When you do finally find a secondhand furniture shop it will be selling this

aagh! or this

aaagh!  You will run around groaning "what-the-heck!" You will go to bed and dreaming about Hans Wegner and Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen after being told by local dealers that on the rare occasion they unearth anything tasty here, they send it to Sydney or Melbourne to sell as so few people here get it or want it.  Noooo! You will give in and visit some of the thousands of big box new furniture shops but find it all so ghastly yet expensive that you leave screaming.

You will read InsideOut and UK Elle Decoration and Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy and Bloesem and wail "My taste is such a clich√© everywhere else on the the planet!  How can it be so unusual here?"

Finally after several months of obsessive hunting you will either cobble something together, or decide to do without,  or order online from another state, or take Valium and go to Ikea and decide to just ignore all those horrid visible screwheads.  Well, that is how it went for me anyway.  So here, finally, after many months of darned hard work is our new cobbled together dining arrangement.

Phew!  Particularly pleased with that original 1970s Casala number which was covered in slime and bird poo (it is actually an outdoor chair) but thanks to Jif plus elbow grease it came up a treat. 

Next on the list is lounge furniture.  After a well-deserved lie down and 500 more "what the hecks!", I'm going to order this

in orange, from here.  And then I'm going to get on with my life.

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