Monday, October 18, 2010

A weekend with optimists

Just before we left NZ, I bumped into someone who, when I told him that we were moving to Australia and where exactly we were moving to, he, for the first time that I'd ever seen, was speechless. When he regained his composure he said  "I am so, SO jealous!" and strongly encouraged me to give my children opportunities to participate in his favourite sport here.

Well we got lots of advice when we left NZ and arrived here, but the second I clapped eyes on Mandurah I knew that I would be nuts not to take the advice of that particular sailor boy.  So for the past few weeks we have been living on beans to save up, then each day this weekend we dragged the children out at sparrows fart, drove them down past the beachpleecestation above to the place below. 

There they spent the weekend learning to sail.  The boats they sailed are called optimists, which I just love as I love a well-named thing.

By Sunday evening our children were the ones who were pretty much speechless, but with tiredness. However they were definitely smiling and when I asked how it was and whether they would like to go sailing again, they managed to blurt out "Great!" and "Yes please!". 

Given that their Dad is now so, SO jealous and wants sailing lessons too, we are on beans again this week.

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