Friday, July 1, 2011

Soaking it up

While I haven't written much on here lately, I have actually been doing lots of writing for a project I'm working on (but that is a story for another day) and this morning I've been trying to write an actual snailmail letter but am not getting far as I keep getting email interruptions.

These interruptions are of the very nicest sort. My partner keeps sending messages with information about various theatre, dance and music shows in Perth with the words "wanna go?" attached.  I then check my diary and wherever possible I answer "yes please!" then make a note to sort babysitters. (Pictured below is a promo image from Black Swan State Theatre Company's current production of Tim Winton's first play, Rising Water.) 

Much as I love all these various jaunts to soak up the local culture, I still find that nothing beats filling my boots at home.  The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre presents a wide range of shows to cater the the very diverse tastes of this community.  There is the usual range of popular touring musicians, comedians, tribute shows, illusionists etc, but the centre also has a variety of other programs.  My children and I regularly look out for and attend shows and workshop sessions in the Splash! holiday program.  Diving in the deep end is the centre's creative development program producing new works.  Making Waves is their education program and the innovative Riptide program provides young people the opportunity to work with emerging and professional artists in the Performing Arts Industry

But it was with great pleasure that I recently clapped hands on their program booklet for their first ever subscription season, immerse, as this is the program that speaks to me, and what it says is "Lady, you're going out!".

Tonight our whole family is off to a musical showdown called Loop the Loop.

Next week the luckiest children in Mandurah and I are going to a gorgeous show called The Man The Sea Saw, which happily coincides with their school's teacher-only day.

Over the next few months I'll see some theatre in the form of Ninety from Black Swan State Theatre Company,

opera in the form of La Traviata from Oz Opera,

at least one of the Shakespeare productions on offer plus a couple of perfect Chicks' Night Out shows like Often I find that I am Naked pictured at the very top of this post. Phew!

I recently heard a retiring venue manager state that whenever he was asked what sort of shows people like to see, he answers "Crap".  He said that it always amazed him when people stayed away in droves from the top quality, beautifully written, superbly acted, moving and original works offered to them, yet would swarm to some piece of rubbish.  Sadly I do know what he means.  I've long suspected that staging an intentionally craptastic extravaganza (think The Producers) starring Elvis-impersonating, ventroloquist, hypnotist, aging TV-star comedians where they manipulate the contents of their pants on stage would be a huge money-spinner.  There is no such crap in the immerse season program and I intend to soak it all up.


  1. Deidre
    you make Mandurah sound positively thrilling.

  2. It is now that I'm done with being depressed about some aspects of it! Next thrill is Matilda and I coming to Made on the Left on Sunday. See you there.