Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Please go even slower

Usually I am a big fan of slow living.  But these school holidays the children have discovered the joys of watching TV online, have used up our monthly internet allowance and as a result our internet access has slowed to a halt.  I am not a big fan of slow internet.  It makes me put my capslock voice on and shout the words on my favourite badge (by Neil Thomas from William Topp courtesy of Gumbootgirl): CHOP CHOP!

So until normal service is resumed here is just a wee sequence of signs from the outing we went on today.

And a couple of pics of the place we went to today.  This is Lake Preston in Yalgorup National Park.  I think it looks prehistoric, just like the show the children were watching (Primeval) and also somewhat like our antiquated, soon-to-be-extinct internet plan.

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