Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And... we own a house

Yes, we own a house.  Picked up the keys at 4.30pm.  Bought celebratory wine and treats, dumped them at the rental home then my son and I shot straight to the new house. By 5.15pm when my partner arrived we had already pulled down the net curtains (design crime), emptied the letterbox of 6 months of mouldy junk mail and lifted 50 square metres of vinyl.  Tasty. Back tomorrow to remove the vertical blinds (some people are racist, some are sexist.  I hope I'm neither, but I'll admit to being an unrepentant blindist.) and some gorgeous jarrah shelves that are currently affixed to a brick half-wall that is soon going to heaven.

Pictured above is a before shot of the hallway flooring.  Oh and that is also an after shot.  That is one of the few things that won't be changing.  Interwebland may be awash with fools on renovation forums swapping tips on how to lift that particular type of flooring but I'll have none of it.  I know what I like and I know what I loathe and that flooring is firmly affixed to my like list.

Let the fun begin.


  1. Is that slate? Nice. Don't tell me people are taking that OUT of their houses while I'm trying to save for some!

  2. Congratulations. My recommendations about any architects in Mandurah...don't. Unless you wish to design it yourself and get them to draft up. Max Klause does some interesting things but not sure he ifs your fit. I will look for design tips for you in Kerala.. they like colour and floral curtains but I may need to dig a little deeper.

  3. Yup, it is slate. I love it and planned to extend the area it is in but haven't been able to source any more. Out of fashion apparently. Loads of people here seem to hate it but that might be because there are so many houses here with about 100 squ m of the ginger version of it, and in all the coldest rooms in the house, and it comes teamed up with dark exposed brick internal walls. Admittedly that's a pretty tough look for anyone except troglodites to live with.

  4. Thanks Denise. I'll check his work out. Have seen work in magazines by a couple of Perth archiects that I like a lot but they might be a bit fancypants for our modest budget.