Saturday, September 4, 2010

A very strange day in paradise

Today it was pretty tricky to enjoy the sunshine, warm temperatures, cruisy lifestyle and stunning views.  Instead I spent the day in my jimbojams, glued to the computer and indulging in what my partner dubbed "earthquake p**n" (rhymes with corn) and thinking about all our dear people in Christchurch and what a rubbish day you have had.

By 2pm I'd finally got my head around it and needed to clear my tiny brain.  I bossed my family into coming for a walk.  We popped into my favourite gourmet shop (and got myself invited to a party), then walked along a favourite path,

stopped for a drink at a new cafe and thought about how darned lucky we are. 

Best wishes dear Christchurch friends.  I hope you and your families are OK.

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