Monday, September 6, 2010

Father's Day

I tend to think Father's Day is just a giant crock designed to make people buy more stuff, but somehow it is still impossible to spend the day doing ordinary things without feeling guilty.  Happily this year it also coincided with a nice outing that the father in this household wanted to do anyway.

A few days earlier he'd seen two of a series of short performances on at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.  He wanted to see another one, thought I'd enjoy both shows he'd seen, and that our children would also enjoy one of them.  Well he knows a bit about shows so we followed his recommendations, booked our tickets and set off on the train.

We went to an exhibition ant the Art Gallery of Western Australia and had a bite to eat before I went to my shows. I really enjoyed them both but the show the children joined me for was a fantastic piece of work. If you ever get the chance to see a show called 2-DIMENSIONAL LIFE OF HER by Fleur Elise Noble then go to it (and if you don't enjoy it you have no taste!). How the performance was not completely sold out is a complete mystery to me.  This is one of those shows I would have gone straight home from, got on the blower and dragged a dozen of you along to the next performance. I'll most certainly be keeping an eye on whatever work this clever cookie comes up with next.  Wee promo of the show below.

Then on the way home through Mandurah I couldn't help thinking about my father.  As we waited a few seconds at the lights as the third car of three on an otherwise deserted street, I could just hear him saying "This place gets more like London every day",

and as we drove past numerous road works and construction sites I smiled as I remembered him deadpanning "This town is really nice, but it'll be terrific when it's finished".

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