Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trains and boats and planes

We're still in the honeymoon period with the train that runs between Mandurah and Perth. The train is part of Perth's Transperth public transport network. For many outings taking the train really is easier, cheaper and more convenient than making the trip by car. The train takes 45-50 minutes, trains run every 10-15 minutes at peak times and if you're lucky you'll see emus and kangaroos out the window on the way.

The best deal on the whole network has to be the Family Rider ticket. During weekends, public holidays and school holidays (and a few other times) this $9 ticket buys all-day travel for two adults and up to five children on the entire network of trains and boats (OK, one ferry),

 and planes (OK, lie. Buses.)

Bargain! Almost as much of a bargain as my new, old, red, crocheted, shopping bag, which - thanks to the Family Rider ticket - I can a) afford to take to Perth and fill with miscellaneous tempting goods, and b) have carried for me by one of my fellow family riders.

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