Friday, July 23, 2010

Lifelong learning

I'm a big fan of lifelong learning.  Today I have learned quite a few things. 

I've spent the day alone at our new house unpacking and trying to make our stuff fit.  (Notice the invisible dining table?  I'm still in denial about the shopping situation here.) 

I've learned that unpacking is very dull work and that I'm very easily distracted. 

I've unpacked a radio, tuned it to ABC Radio National and learned that in some ways NZ and Australia are very much alike; the morning programmes were very interesting and the afternoon programmes had me running for the CD collection.

I've waited for news that our Christchurch house sale went through, which it did.  I've learned that although I loved living in that house and thought I'd never want to sell it, all those $$$ in the bank make it feel OK.  Farewell my precious.

I've learned that unpacking alone in a house devoid of food and coffee is a bad idea.  It took me until 1.55pm to learn that, then I learned that a) it takes 8 minutes to dawdle to the local supermarket, b) even though it is mid-winter I should have worn a hat and c) I'm definitely not in Christchurch any more.

I've learned that going shopping in a starving, coffee-deprived state can lead to very bad decisions.  I've learned that no matter how hungry I am I shouldn't buy rubbish instant food just because it reminds  me of my brother,

because a) it will be inedible, then b) I'll have to dawdle to the supermarket all over again.  Then I'll learn that I'm absolutely, definitely not in Christchurch any more.

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