Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flowers I love: Hakea laurina

Before we moved here I was warned that Australian indigenous plants are stunning and that Western Australian plants are the most amazing of all.  I am slowly collecting a reference library of books and pamphlets about them and am starting to identify a few.  By the time you come to visit me I'll have added a Sisters Wildflowers Tour to the itinerary for anyone who is interested. (Large snag with the Mandurah version of my Sisters Shopping Tour though the Perth version is coming along nicely.)

My latest botanical infatuation is with Hakea laurina, The Pincushion hakea.  Its natural distibution is along the south coast of Western Australia and it is in flower now in gardens around here. The flower my partner brought home from a walk the other day is over 6cms across and has darker pink petals (?) than the specimen above. Now there is a pink thing I like.

Obviously my rubbish photo just above does not do this plant justice so thank you to Mr Ian W. Fieggen for the gorgeous top image from here.  

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  1. Everyone needs a little pink in there life! glad you have found a home x