Friday, July 16, 2010

A great day in Realestateland

Great news today from the real estate agent.  Finally success on the new home front.  We move to our new rental home next week.  There it is above.

Ok, just kidding.  Here it is.

Yeah, that's a porky too.  Here we go.

OK.  Fib.

Sorry.  Pork pie.  This time.

Yup, another porky.


Pork pie.



Oh my aching enormous nose.

Eeeek!  Porky.

Make it stop!


Oh, that one doesn't look too bad. 

(See what I did?  I learnt that softening-up strategy from NZ's current government...)

Yes, that house above really is where we'll be moving to next week and staying for at least the next six months.  A normal house on a normal street in a normal suburb with a normal garden and normal decor and four bedrooms and two living rooms and plenty of space for houseguests and with a normal shopping centre in easy walking distance. (Just a slight snag with my plan for furnishing all those rooms.  I'm still stuck on the depression stage of the grieving process over that particular situation. When I reach the acceptance stage I'll fill you in.)

But the best bit about our new home is the view from the letterbox.

That glorious view is of my children's new school.  I can't wait until I can stand at my front door in my jimbojams and say "Go to school!".  Then I'll go get ready for the day, try to resist volunteering for the local version of the PTA for at least a couple of weeks while I head out to hunt myself an O-job, some favourite haunts, some friends and some new hobbies.  Given the state of my shabby-shite photos I think I'll start with reading my camera manual.


  1. Please tell me that after all the trouble you went to de-stashing, the precious little you saved has arrived safely . . .

  2. Ah, I'm so pleased you've found a place to call home. Jeepers, there are some 'interesting' houses there.

  3. Trickster!!
    Yay,you have a home and will soon be all settled!(?!)

  4. Hooray, congratulations on finding a home and a school. I do hope the o-job and new friends will be simpler. Miss you all. Love Mandy x

  5. We move in this Thursday so will see if all our worldly goods arrive safe and sound then. Enrolled the children at school today and the receptionist is so lovely we all looked at each other and said "Mrs Ross!". They start on Wednesday.

  6. Yay - a home and a school! Now if only you could find an op shop or two, you'd be set...
    What's the name of the school? (So we can cyberstalk you all on Google Earth)
    Good luck for tomorrow Harvey and Matilda!
    love Sarah and Joe Boe