Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm a shocker for going on holiday to a scenic spot, falling in love with the place, then staring longingly in the windows of real estate agency windows there.  I've swooned around Robe in SA, Port Fairy in Victoria, Brunswick Heads in NSW and dozens of tiny towns in NZ while kidding myself "I could live here". 

The latest object of my completely impractical infatuations is Busselton WA.  See if you can see why.

Last time we were there we did The Busselton Jetty Experience (thanks Nicola).

This has to be one of the loveliest touristy experiences in this region.  It involves catching a dinky train to the end of the newly refurbished 1841 metre long jetty, then heading downstairs into a viewing chamber to observe the marine life living in the waters around the end of the jetty.  This is not an aquarium, but simply a window into the natural environment.  It is a superbly clever, simple and effective way of turning a natural asset into an excellent tourist attraction.

The weather was perfect so we skipped the train ride back and walked instead.

Back at shore the other members of my party went snorkeling in what I now realise was probably our last swim of the season.  I decided I needed to see more of the town so trotted off to check out the galleries and op shops.  Having decided a few days beforehand to add something new to my pared-back op shop wishlist, I then immediately found some of it: some Annemarie (Figgjo) for Annemarie (Gumbootgirl). Busselton, you kill me.

I know I can't live in Busselton as a two hour drive to work and school each day is a tad excessive.  But happily I also know that at that distance away, Busselton is the perfect spot for a regular weekend escape.


  1. I thought I was the only one who did this! We once went on a house swap to Edinburgh (when we lived in the UK) and ended up moving there less than 4 weeks later! Not sure where to visit in WA that would make me want to live there?

  2. Oh well like a tragic swinging voter I have now fallen for Dwellingup (the forest! the river! the artist's cottage with gallery attached we stayed at!) and Balingup (antique and vintage stores to die for). But next week, who knows, but it sure is fun looking.