Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday at Soldiers Cove

We've been trying out various places to muck around in the new boats. 

Ideal places:
a) are not too far from our house,

b) have parking space near a publicly accessible boat launching area (surprisingly tricky to find),

c) have nice shady spot on shore for the non-kayakers,

d) are safely removed from boat and jetski traffic and wakes ("jetski" has become a dirty word in this house...),

e) are sheltered from strong winds and currents,

f) are relatively contained so that if someone decides to have a rest from paddling and just drift along "enjoying the serenity", they don't get swept or blown to Africa while their mother has kittens back on shore,

and g) give us the chance to spot interesting wildlife. (These pelicans don't really have a miniature village on their island.  I've just accidentally taken a Things Bogans Like-style strange-perspective photo.)

Today we went to a place called Soldiers Cove.  It ticks all the boxes. The cove is sheltered from the main boating motorway by a peninsula reserve covered in samphire plants which is home to many birds. 

After a while the children had a break from kayaking to pretend they were pirates who have walked the plank and must swim to the nearest island.

I took my chance to take off in one of the boats and properly explore my new favourite part of Mandurah.

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