Thursday, January 20, 2011

My latest favourite place...

I know I said my favourite place was Soldiers Cove.  Well that was for kayaking.  At this time of year Mandurah looks mighty fine so picking just one favourite place would be silly.  I figure I'm allowed a favourite place for each activity I do - so walking slowly, walking quickly, reading novels, reading non-fiction, eating ice blocks, eating ice cream etc.

Tonight when my partner got home from work we went for a walk on a stretch of beach very near to our house. (I'm pleased to report that the patient is no longer a patient; he back to his old working, driving, walking-fast-for-miles self again.) 

This is what it looks like where we went tonight.


Can you see why it is now my favourite place for wandering along while wondering what to cook for tea? (Which tonight, strangely enough, was sausages.)

Time to go home.  No doubt I'll find another new favourite place tomorrow.

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