Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot, hotter, hottest

After several weeks of the sort of glorious yet comfortable weather I could happily live with my whole life, things cranked up a bit on the temperature front this week. Monday was hot, Tuesday was hotter and Wednesday was a stinker with 37 degrees recorded in Perth. 

Like many people, I can merrily handle stinker days when I'm having my dream-life.  If all I'm required to do is read a novel while lying in a hammock, drink umbrella drinks, swim, take siestas and eventually slope off to a restaurant for tea, then I can pretty much handle any temperature in style.  (Cripes, the last time I did that was 1994.)

But I'll freely admit to being a bit hopeless where hot temperatures and real-life get combined.  Fetching and carrying groceries on foot, minding hot/bothered/exhausted children, push-mowing the lawn, ironing, doing the frenzied pre-babysitter-cleanup, cooking an early dinner then getting spruced up and rushing to a posh 6pm do - all done in temperatures scarily close to my age - tends to turn me into TheOtherDeidre.

One of my children is a wilter too.  On Tuesday night when we were still recovering from the heat of the day, we saw on the weather forecast that Wednesday was going to be even hotter.  Even when I explained that it is always a couple of degrees cooler here than in Perth, this poor child got teary eyed.

So on Wednesday afternoon after the two people in this household with places to be had rushed off to do their thing, TheOtherDeidre and TheOtherChild decided to actually enjoy this weather instead of just endure it. We ignored all the things we should have done and instead headed to the place we call "The Town Baths" (part of the estuary surrounded by floating walkways to make an area like a swimming pool).  After snatching just an hour of dream-life cooling our bodies and our brains, we both got it together enough to cope well with the rest of our hot, busy, real-life day.

On the forecast last night we saw with some relief that today would be back to lower temperatures, but he and I agreed we no longer dread the many stinker days yet to come.


  1. I'll swap ya, I really will. It is 7 here. And has been raining all day. But I think there is somethings you might have to change in order to cope. Don't iron - full stop/ever. And flag the push mowing in the day. And swim all the time....... Is that helpful or annoying.....

  2. 7 in November. Cripes. And helpful thanks except I can't mow at night as it is dark (no daylight saving) or at dusk because of the mozzies. Seems nowhere is perfect.

  3. oh so forgot about no daylight savings.....