Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Car shopping

Today I am car shopping.  I am using an online site called Gumtree where I flogged these real pictures of real vehicles for sale near me. Usually I find Gumtree joyless, grim and annoying as I am used to the far superior Trademe, but today I am rather enjoying it.  That is because I live in the wild west of Australia, where bigger is better, OTT is an unknown concept and there is no such thing as a WOF.  I have been tuning in to the various popular and tempting transport options. Here is the shortlist.

There is the stretchy look.

The hot look.

Gumtree is a bit hopeless for the hugely popular "my car cost more than your house" look, but it is quite useful for the related and just as popular "my car is bigger than your house" look (where is my biro when I need it).

There are also numerous tempting "think outside the square" options.

(Very tempted by that last one given that one of my children thinks my name is "What'sfortea?")

Whatever I buy I could then follow a popular West Australian custom by attaching real animal horns to the obligatory bull bars and an interesting sticker (sorry folks but this is by far the tamest of the many doozies I've snapped.  Lots of interesting conversations with the children since moving here).

Right.  Best stop dreaming and get back to it.  Thankfully given my budget and true requirements the "Nana's shopping basket" look is the most popular of all in Mandurah.


  1. Some of those look like they could double up as a part-time job option for you Deidre, especially that golf cart with the huge vacuum cleaner hose. What even WAS that???

  2. It is called a "Tennant 4300 vacuum leaf sucker with cab" and it could be mine for $10,500! I'd need to put a trailer on it though for the kids and the groceries.

  3. I rang the number in that last photo but couldn't get through. Overloading??