Friday, June 14, 2013

Repeating pattern

I love repeating patterns.  I love them in fabrics, wallpaper, carpets and I love spotting them in nature and photographing them.

Yesterday a repeating pattern happened in our lives; my partner's work contract was renewed.  Phew!  Like many New Zealanders living in Australia we will have to leave at some point.  In our case that is because we can never become Australian citizens and as such our children are not eligible for student loans in Australia.  Little Miss WinsEveryPrizeSheGoesNear is also not eligible for scholarships in Australia and given that most of her preferred career options will involve manymany years of university study, that simply won't be possible here.

But anyway we aren't quite ready to leave yet.  We hope to do a lot more exploring here before we leave. One place I've always wanted to investigate is Tasmania especially since a local artist friend came back raving about the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and insisting that I must go there, which sadly is a tad easier said than done. 

So today I made that repeating pattern above as my entry into a competition to win a trip there.  The somewhat debauched content of that pattern isn't my usual style but the prize is a visit to Tasmania, MONA and the fabulously Bacchanalian sounding Dark MOFO festival. My winter feast pic is called "My Darkest Night Is Repeating On Me".  I've probably broken the rules by repeating my photo but MONA and Dark MOFO seem to be all about breaking rules, which is a huge part of their appeal to me. (Instagram users can help me out by liking my pic - my handle surprisingly enough is pearlequeen and you can see all the entries by searching for #abcRNDarkMOFO . If any Australian-based folk fancy entering too the details are here but you'll have to be quick as it closes this Sunday.)

It was fun to do but obviously a long-shot so in the meantime I'll just keep on keeping on with our other plan to visit Tasmania and MONA which is also a repeating pattern: scrimping and saving, scrimping and saving.

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