Monday, December 10, 2012

Thanks Santa

Much like a department store, my household got into the swing of Christmas way back in September.  Santa went nutso this year.  Here is what he gave us.

Some new animal friends (those koi above and that monkey below), a new sun umbrella, a swimming pool complete with waterfalls, some new chairs and some garden art.

He also very kindly gave us a castle with a moat

and quite a few boats.

Ok, so I have stretched the truth just a little.  Here is what he really gave us.

Santa nearly bankrupted himself buying season passes to Adventureworld for our whole family but it was well worth it; by mid-October we had already visited enough times to get our money back.

Yesterday was a 35 degree day in Perth and we and what felt like half a million other people went to this huge fun park.  It is a real credit to the management of that place how well they cope on the stupidly busy days.  Here are some pics from yesterday.  See if you can see why we like the place.

Our season passes still have several months of funtimes left in them. 

And if some of you are wondering whether my Blogger account has been hacked and this post has been written by an impostor, I can assure you that it hasn't.  One of my very favourite things is that Adventureworld doesn't just cater for people who like throwing themselves off things and being tossed in the air.  I can confirm that it is also just perfect for people who like to find a shady spot, settle down with a good book, then every now and then cool off with a gentle swim - while other members of their family merrily throw themselves off things.


  1. Fun with a capital 'F'! Not very 'Deidre', but the things we do for our children... Looking forward to seeing you - bring a jumper :)

  2. That is such cool far you have all come. When I left WA in Feb 2011 it was on the day you were due for your first visit, for Harvey's birthday, which ended up being postponed due to various states of ill-health and being underwhelmed by the prospect of going there. Great it has turned out to be such a good place for all the family for fun and respite from the heat. Looking forward to resting under shady trees and maybe a little bit of throwing ourselves off things together soon.