Friday, November 30, 2012

Nice mail today

 A few months back I received a rather nice and unexpected thingamy in the post when I bought a fancypants new work satchel online.  My bag came from Casauri (who make excellent stuff) and the unexpected extra surprise was that passport cover above.  The only issue was that mine didn't look quite like that one as I didn't have anything to stick into it.  My passport (and my children's) expired soon after we moved here.  I had no plans to travel out of the country so there was no point forking out for new passports which would just collect dust in a drawer.

Well now we do have plans and I have been nervously loitering by my mailbox all week waiting for more nice mail.  Today it was a case of PHEW! PHEW! and PHEW! when today's post included these brand spanking new beauties.  

Now I can relax and plan the details of the three and a half weeks between "land in Auckland" and "fly out of Auckland", including a party in Ngahinapouri on my birthday with lots of old school friends (what will I wear!), a stay in Raglan, trips to Wellington and Christchurch and the very important business of paying back our passport identity witness for her troubles and postage - which I hope to do in cocktails.

For NZ folk, if you would like to catch us when we are over then let me know (email address is in my profile) and I'll send you the details of where we'll be when.  For Mandurah folk, this is not an invitation to break in and knick all our worldly goods (i.e. op shop tat) as you will encounter another family having their very own summer holiday at our beach house.

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