Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bad day in birdland

Despite the fact that our rented back garden belongs to the "Missed Opportunity" school of landscape design, it is still heaving with birdlife.  This is largely due to the fact that our neighbour, Tammy's owner, has an beautiful garden full of mature native plants. 

Another neighbour has a cat.  That cat's garden is from the "Scorched Earth with Naff Ornaments" school of landscaping so doesn't get many birds visiting.  The cat is too scared to venture back to Tammy's garden after it had to get rescued by a bunch of firemen after spending a sad night up a tree crying, so it sometimes lurks in our garden instead.  I suspect it hung out in our garden yesterday as this morning I found grim evidence.  Somewhere out in birdland there is a very sore or very dead twentyeight parrot.

We are not allowed to have pets in this rental home.  When we do eventually move to a home of our own the children hope to get a pet.  It will not be a cat.

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