Thursday, April 14, 2011

Visitors are coming!

This evening two visitors are arriving to stay with us for two weeks.  Yippee!  In preparation I've been ensuring the house is less of a health hazard and planning an itinerary for them.  We'll be heading up to Perth and out of town a bit, but the Mandurah-based part of the list reads like a brochure you'd pick up from the visitor centre.

We'll go on some scenic walks - that is Creery Wetlands above and Lake Clifton below,

admire the flora

and the fauna.

We'll catch some local wildlife,

and eat it.

We'll go dolphin spotting

and attempt to photograph them.

We'll cool down at the beach,

at Just 4 fun,

and at Aqua bubble.

We'll kayak

and hire a boat for a daytrip down the estuary.

We'll eat fish and chips in a scenic spot and say "This is perfect.  All we need now are some dolphins".

And then the dolphins will appear. (True.)

Heck I'm sold.  I'd go on holiday here! More houseguests are welcome at any time...

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