Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another grand day out in Dullsville

Plenty of people round these parts refer to Perth as Dullsville.  I'm not sure where those people have been living and what they are comparing it to, but I'm picking its not where I've been living or where I live now.  I'm sure Perth does have its dull bits, as every city does, but we haven't been actively hunting out those bits.

Mandurah and the Peel region's latest tourism slogan is "An hour away, a world away" and is an attempt to attract visitors from Perth. This slogan is true, but the same can also be said for Perth from Mandurah. I do fully appreciate the benefits of living in a small city right on the coast, but up until recently Mandurah was just a sleepy holiday town and as such there are still so many things simply missing from this city.  Over time new businesses, events and organisations will no doubt spring up in Mandurah to meet the demands of the growing and changing population, but in the meantime I say YAY for Perth.  I do not call Perth Dullsville.

Our latest all-family outing to Perth was to see the seventh annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Cottesloe beach.

We went on the last Sunday the exhibition was on so shared our outing with many other people. 

We enjoyed the Sculpture Inside exhibition, then headed outdoors where we saw a huge assortment of great sculpture, in a beautiful setting, in glorious weather.

Afterwards we went to Fremantle and found a block of shops (open!  most of WA does not have Sunday shopping) with a couple of cafés, several amazing antique shops, a designer clothing boutique and a cool interiors shop.  Woohoo, we don't have that fancy carry-on in Mandurah! 

Yet again our day out in Perth was certainly not what I consider dull.  The only way it could possibly have been better is if a friend had been exhibiting at Sculpture by the Sea and we'd spent the day with him and his family.  But there is always next year, isn't there Duncan.

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