Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just for fun

As if the rivers, estuaries and numerous Indian Ocean beaches weren't enough to tempt us into the water, a new attraction has arrived in town.  Just 4 Fun Aqua Park is an inflatable obstacle course which sets up camp on Mandurah's Western Foreshore for the summer. There is an area for little children,

an area for children aged up to 99,

plus some pedal boats.

Yesterday my children and their water-sports-loving aunt took it on.

It was pretty hard work for the least able swimmer in the group but between his aunt and an attentive and helpful park assistant he still had a fabulous time. They swam, slid, bounced and catapulted each other into the water. They had a lot of fun and are keen to go back for more.

Auntie N had already swum around Australia that morning with a local sea-swimming group (OK, slight exaggeration) but still had the energy to help my son between the various obstacles and push and haul him onto them numerous times.

And for the millionth time since she arrived here I thought, what a winner.

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