Monday, June 28, 2010

A little city, a bigger city and a train in between

Do you love being right?  Oh, is that just me.  Well I'd always suspected that living in a little wee city that has a much bigger city right on the doorstep was going to be a winning formula. It seems I was right. 

Both days last weekend we made the trip up to Perth. Day one we went to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (more soon but it was good!) and day two we went to Perth Upmarket (more soon but it was good!).  I am quite greedy and these small tastes of Perth have not left me satiated; they have left me wanting more!

This has put a spanner-in-the-works re my plan for my-new-life-in-Mandurah.  The plan was that once I have our new home sorted and children enrolled in schools and all the deadlydull stuff that four people require in the modern world sorted (insurances, medicare, doctors, swimming lessons, clubs, electricity, telephone, internet access, gas, tax numbers, new passports, new drivers licences, GST done, yawn, yawn, yawn) then I would hunt myself a nice little O-Job.  (In case you are not familiar with the concept of an O-Job then let me explain:  An O-Job is a paid job that the Little Kahuna has because it is fun and fulfilling, hopefully leads to some friends and pays for all those expensive little extras that always seems to start with O - like Orthodontics and Orthotics and Opticians and Overseas travel and Orla Kiely...) 

Nice plan but the spanner in the works is that from what I've seen so far, Perth is, well, good.  Plus it is undiscovered by me and tantalisingly close.   It is only a 45 minute train ride away and that train goes from Mandurah to Perth and back unbelievably regularly and apparently doesn't cost the earth.  Clearly more investigation is required, but so far, so good and so so happy to be right.  So if one day I'm a tad late collecting the children from school, possibly the best place to look will be the dishy place pictured above:  Mandurah Station.

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